setup 1
setup 2
setup 3
setup 4
Lisa Mathews 1
Lisa Mathews 2
Lisa Mathews 3
Lisa Mathews 4
Kiley, Terri, Ruth
Terry & Kenny Lloyd
Joe Mike Dan
Joe Mike Dan 2
Joe and Stacy
Ken and Lenore
Moose members
John and wife
Moose members 2
Kelly and Angie
Jen and friends 1
Jen and friends 2
Moose Guests 1
Moose Guests 2
Lisa and Tad
Jimmi P
Kenny Terry Tracy
Terri Tom Kiley
Mongo and Dana 1
Mongo and Dana 2
Jimmi Playing keyboard
Mongo and Tadd
Joe Playing Bass
Joe and Tadd playing
Tracy Drinking
Scott Joe Tadd
Jimmi Playing keyboard 2
Moose members 3
Linda RJ Jill Dancing
Linda RJ Jill Cheri Terri Dancing
Linda RJ Jill Cheri Terri Dancing 2
Jen and Friend
Lisa in the audience
Jean singing
Jean Joe Tadd
Jean singing 2
Joe and Stacy 2
Simone and member dancing
Terri Tom Dancing
Moose members Dancing 1
Moose members Dancing 2
Moose members Dancing 3
RJ and Byron
RJ and Byron 2
Jill and Byron
Linda and Dave
Jill Linda Colleen Cheri
Terri RJ Lenore
Jimmi Playing keyboard 3
Mongo in audience
Moose Guests 3
Joe and Tadd playing 2
Moose members Dancing 4
Kiley Dan Terri Taylor Byron
Terri Taylor Byron
Simone Kiley
Simone winning
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Moosestock 25 Sept, 2010
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